Why is Tree Removal So Expensive?

Tree removal is a complex and potentially dangerous job that requires specialized skills, equipment, and labor. The high cost of tree removal reflects the many hazards of the job and related insurance costs. Seasonal shrub or tree pruners know how much work goes into a simple haircut and cleaning debris. Trees that are more than 60 feet tall are considered oversized and require more effort, equipment, and labor to do the job carefully.

Tree removal prices are based on tree height, but other factors can also affect the cost. If a tree is surrounded by obstacles such as pots, fences, or power lines, it will add time and money to the removal process. It is also cheaper to remove a fallen tree than to cut and drag a live one. Transplanting a tree is an option if you want to move it to a different location on your property.

When hiring a tree removal service, make sure you hire a certified arborist who is insured for tree removal. The bigger the tree, the more you pay. However, healthy and strong trees should not increase the cost of tree removal.

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