What is the average cost of pruning trees?

First of all, before you start pruning any tree or shrub, sterilize the saw and nail clippers, since you don't want to transmit any disease to a healthy tree. Professionals often charge more when pruning a pest-infested tree because it can be unstable and therefore more dangerous. Avoid salespeople: Professional tree trimming services that spend a lot on marketing, such as ads at the top of Google, Yelp, yellow pages, and signs in the city, will generally be more expensive. Grant good access: Pruning a tree located in your backyard will cost more because it's harder to drag branches to the front of your property.

Other municipalities define a heritage tree as any cedar, laurel, sequoia, horse chestnut or oak tree with a trunk diameter of 10 inches or more when measured at a point 4 feet above ground level. Different trees have different periods of growth, and the only exception to this rule is when the tree poses a safety hazard. The cost of removing trees and stumps will depend on the size of the tree and the location of your property. If it is a young tree with small branches that can be easily cut while standing on the ground, DIY is a viable option.

Without taking proper precautions and having the right equipment in place, pruning a tree can quickly go from a quick DIY project to a dangerous or even deadly undertaking. This is all very technical information to say that removing or even pruning a heritage tree requires a permit. In some parts of California, for example, a heritage tree is defined as any tree with a trunk circumference of 55 inches or more, or that measures at least 35 feet in height. For example, trees located in the front yard are more accessible, but if the tree is large or close to power lines, the work may require a special permit and equipment, which increases the cost.

For deciduous trees that lose their leaves, pruning before the tree starts to leave can help give a good idea of the shape of the tree. To make your yard look as attractive as possible, you periodically need your trees to be cut into shape. A 20-foot tall tree with a pest problem right next to your neighbor's garage requires more effort (and money) to prune than a healthy 20-foot tree in the middle of an open field.

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